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diamond memo program

More diamonds to sell means more diamond sales. But the cost of maintaining a truly extensive inventory of loose stones in your store can be impractical and expensive.

Our Diamond Memo Program is designed to provide you with the largest diamond inventory coupled with the ability to have any diamond shipped to your store for you to present to your customers - it creates the opportunity to offer a larger, deeper and better selection than anyone in your market.


  • Access to 60,000+ certified loose diamonds. Diamonds are accessible either online through your web site, through an in-store sales tool or at Use our number, 800-428-0040, or email your inquiries or requests to .

  • Online-24/7-access to select and order diamonds for memo call through our online email submission process. Contacting a representative is optional.

  • The superior customer service of our diamond office. We have a team of professionals who have over 100 years of combined experience handling diamond needs.

  • A trusting relationship. Like no other, our 135-years of experience is based on integrity, service and trust. Before we ship any stone, we discuss with you, your order, to ensure that you receive exactly what you are expecting.

  • Retail prices that are always controlled by you, the retailer. Use our inventory on your website or as an in-store sales tool.

  • Next day shipments of diamond requests. Each shipment is limited to a $25,000 value/ two stones, within your credit limit.

  • Our specialty, DIAMONDS, in all shapes and sizes from .25 ct to 15.00 carats. All stones are certified by GIA, EGL, AGS, HRD, or IGI.

  • For more information about the Diamond Memo Program, please contact us at 800-428-0040 OR email :