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Features & Benefits

Precise White Gold Special Features

Precise White Gold lowers manufacturing costs significantly because there is no special handling or plating costs. The finished jewelry is simply polished like any other gold product.

This innovative gold lowers the cost of after sales service. There are no problems with a plated rhodium finish wearing off, and repaired jewelry no longer requires special handling or rhodium replating which can cause trauma for a consumer being separated overnight from their ring while you incure the $25. plus cost of replating and shipping offsite.

Precise White Gold has been developed with the consumer in mind since some people who enjoy the high fashion look of white also have a sensitivity to the nickel in white gold. Precise White Gold has been evaluated by a leading independent testing laboratory.

Precise White Gold was also developed with the jeweler in mind. Not only can it be polished and finished as easily as yellow gold, it is not brittle like some other white gold alloys, having the ductility and ease of use for diamond setting and hand fabrication.